About us

Preséa is a small female led jewellery business based in Hertfordshire, UK. We've started our journey by carefully curating jewellery pieces that we knew that you'd love, and we put our hearts and souls into it! After nearly 2 years we are now designing our own styles and bringing our own vision to life. We use natural materials like sterling silver, gold, gemstones and crystals because we believe that jewellery is to be worn and enjoyed for years and generations. If you're ever looking for timeless jewellery designs have a look at your grandmother's jewellery box, we guarantee you that you will find the most beautiful, precious and cared for pieces! Yep, we do take inspiration from grandma's jewellery collection. ♥

We celebrate womanhood and nature. We're inspired by men and women’s beauty and form, philosophy, art, travelling, romance, food, architecture, mother Earth and love. Our main mission is to make you feel empowered and comfortable with your true nature. Each piece is designed to have a symbolic meaning to the wearer and bring them happiness. 

Thank you for making the conscious decision to support a small business, and lessen the environmental impact that fast fashion has on our planet by choosing to shop ethically and small. 

With love,